Kisho Geo

Age: (young at heart)

Mstatus: Married (4 kids)
Lives in: Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
From: Kottayam, Kerala, India


About me

I am Kisho Geo, my husband Geo George, and we have 4 olive shoots around our table. (Georgeo, Maryann, Suzann & John Paul). We reside in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.

My Parents gave me the first lessons of Carnatic Music when I was four years and I continued for 18 years. Later in my college days, I was fascinated by Western Music and I learned that on my own. I did many programmes in Eastern and Western music in various stages. I thank God for my loving parents for what all they have done.

My Family
- I got married in 1993 by the grace of God. My husband Geo - He is the best gift God has given me in my life. I thank God for all that he is doing for me, especially sincere encouragement and strong support. Through him Jesus is making use of my small talents. I also thank God for the 4 other great gifts who loves and supports me to make my dreams come true.  

A true experience - that I will treasure a life time.

It was two weeks before the Christmas of 1999, we had a prayer meeting in Dubai. I had great thirst for prayer and I started going to church regularly and prayed rosary and prayer of mercy. During the mass I surrendered everything to Jesus and I offered my heart and prayed to Jesus to purify and fill it will His love.